For IP-TV ,Windows-PC,MAC ,Presentation ,Joystick, that is OZUPAD-AIR.........last update :Dec. 23th/2015

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OZUPAD-AIR What's new
  • Equipped with Capacitive type sensor inside
  • Super low power consumption
  • Multi functions;AIR Mouse ,AIR Joystick and AIR Pointer
  • No need for flat surfaces such as a desk
  • Control by the thumb and index fingers
  • A good ergonomic design for a palm
OZUPAD-AIR What are the applications?
  • Air Mouse for TV with Android mini-PC
  • Mobile input device for PC
  • Presentation controller with No LASER pointer
  • Game controller
  • PC control by posture that lies in bed
  • Multimedia controller by using OZUPADKEY